Bharat Bala

What I Do


My expertise lies in PHP, NodeJS and Python languages, most extensively used in today's modern web applications. Laravel / CodeIgniter / NuxtJS / VueJS are a few frameworks I work with.

DevOps Engineer

I can help architect or design your infrastructure based on your application needs in the cloud with providers like Digital Ocean, AWS, E2E Networks, Linode etc. E-Commerce, Android app backends, Highly Database intensive operations as well.

Linux Systems Administrator

Facing issues managing your Web Hosting servers like cPanel / Direct Admin or Virtualization nodes like KVM / OpenVZ with SolusVM / / Virtualizor?
I have a team that can help you manage these services 24/7

Cloud Migrations

I can help migrating your project from on-premises to the cloud providers like AWS, Digital Ocean, E2E Networks, Linode etc and vice-versa with minimal or no downtime at all using the right tactics and game plan.